Transforming culture one note at a time...

Amidst the cacophony of our world, the art of listening is a much needed pathway forward to cohesion, deep communication, and collaboration. As a Steinway Artist, a teaching-artist, and creator of Conscious Listening seminars, I heighten awareness through music's many dimensions and cultivate a culture of listening through the lens of classical piano music.


I create joyful, personal, and creative experiences of Western classical music extending from its core repertoire into jazz, contemporary, early music, improv, and interdisciplinary projects: pairings with theater, dance, art, and wine. Participants develop a personal relationship with the music as they listen communally. 

Concert Pianist / Educator / Listening-Facilitator / Producer / Consultant

Imagine a world where we
listen multidimensionally to ourselves and others,
stay open-minded about what we don't yet understand,

and find personal meaning in how we fit into the big picture.

"An explosion of energy..." The New York Times

"Power, authority, and self-assurance..." The Washington Post

"Her performance was masterly in its strength and authority and was sustained by exquisite lyricism." The Baltimore Sun

"Beijing-born, American-trained pianist Hsing-ay Hsu, with extraordinary prowess, breathes life into the music." Fanfare Magazine

"Words cannot say how much we enjoyed your performance. You were gracious, engaging, and your music was out of this world."  
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