In-depth Studies on a Specific Topic

Online Independent Study Courses

Orchestral Colors of the Piano - creating timbres

Artistic PracticingTM Process - for ultimate expression 

Hear That? - harmonic sensitivity

Online Live Webinars 

Conscious ListeningTM  - 4 Step Process

Intensive Courses - see above

Summer In-Person Courses


College Level Courses

Seminars for Advanced Pianists (series)
A series of 14 rotating topics, ideally paired with masterclass for application demonstration. (sample brochure below.)

1. Foundations: “3 step listening”, “3 levels of understanding”, “Elements of the Music”2. The Miracle of the Breath 3. Stepping outside the comfort zone (how to absorb new information)4. Strategic Timeline (from week to week)5. 3-2-1 Action: Performance Strategy6. Fluid Technique7. Harmonic Colors  & Energy Levels8. Building Blocks (Structure) & Pacing9. Preventing Injury (dynamic stretch, breath, static stretch)10. Practice Applications (making the most of every hour)11. Memorizing12. Methods of Voicing13. Overview of Contemporary Piano Music14.  Listen & Review

Beyond Your Fingertips: Imprinting Emotional Well-Being (series)

How do we as complex human beings fulfill our emotional and psychological needs in the midst of artistic pressures?  These five workshops address difficult questions through multiple lenses with applicable exercises and interactive participation.   1.Mental Practicing- group practice workshop2.Practicing Feeling- using emotional awareness to maximize effective practice3.Rising Above Performance Anxiety- customizing your own approach4.Cultural Values in Teaching Styles: American and Chinese Perspectives5.Finding Our Values- discovering personal values to drive your career.  Finding where what you love intersects with what you’re good at.

Tonal Analysis for Performers 

Would you like to enhance your performance by understanding and communicating the harmonic language?  We will review listening & analysis skills on a wide range of styles, in order to improve aspects of performance, such as phrasing, timing, and memory.  Our repertoire will include orchestral, chamber, and solo works.  This is an advanced level course, open to all instruments.  Working knowledge of basic theory is required. Session1Introduction-Weekly Listening Acuity:  CadencesPreparation using Tonal AnalysisCase StudySession 2:Weekly Listening Acuity:  Cadences"Finding Structure by using cadences"“Listening for Leading Tones”“Modulations to get lost in”“Pacing of change”  Session 3:Weekly Listening Acuity:  Cadences“Patterns”“Pivot Chords” "Ambiguity""Phrasing without Relying on Timing"Session 4:Weekly Listening Acuity:  Cadences“Chord Qualities”       “Orchestral Colors”“Complex Chords” “Significant vs. Passing”“Inferred Tonal Centers”