a musical event with a personal touch and an extra spark

Sample Projects:
"I love collaborating with organizations to amplify their mission and deepen community relationships. I am especially drawn to projects that involve small group interaction and multiple visits over time."
Conscious Listening  Residency - Klavierhaus  NYC 2023-
Chamber Music Artist  Residency - Boulder Chamber Orchestra 2023-
"The Practice of Listening" - All Angels' Church New York City 2022-2023

Steinway Spirio Dedication College Residency  - Regent University 2022
"Midday Musical Moments" Online Series - Yale China Institute 2021
Artist Ambassador - Longmont Symphony Orchestra 2021

Thematic Programming
Recitals / Interactive House Concerts

"Using my twenty years+ experience as a concert series director/producer, I want to help you program the concert music that has most meaning for you, your audience, and your organization."
Sample Solo Projects:
Musical Runway: a fashion-inspired recital and pairing game.
Expanding Conscious Listening in 5 Dimensions: How do we listen for the beauty of the music and the unique intentions of each composer? 

Keys to the Planet: experiencing the wonders of nature through piano music.
Four Loves: Inspired by beloved author C.S. Lewis, discover how nuances of love concepts can be expressed through piano music.

College Courses - Guest Lectures

Branding/ Communications /  Embodiment & Somatic Awareness

Interdisclinary Collaborations
  "Amazing creativity is unleashed when we find commonalities between two diverse worlds."
My work has included mutiple collaborations with the Colorado Ballet, as well as University faculty David Capps and Erika Randall. I look forward to collaborating with actress Ariel Woodwiss and playwright Erin Moughon-Smith.


 "I am interested in the integration, convergence, and  collaboration between multiple systems or languages."

Sample Projects:
Communications Make-Over Series for Professional Musicians
Practicing Emotions
Corporate Events - Conscious Listening Classical Music Workshops

"I guide the process of introducing musical concepts to audiences of all levels, and bring over two decades of experience as a producer."
Sample Projects:
Bernstein Centennial: a celebration of curated compositions, previously presented by the JCC-Boulder and Boulder Philharmonic.
George Crumb Festival: co-produced a multi-day festival with multiple departments and nation-wide guest artists at the University of Colorado - Boulder.

Performers Career Development / Communications Skills
“I want to empower musicians to find personal growth and open up their unique musical voice.”

Masterclasses - Piano, Chamber Music, Contemporary Music, Concerto Preparation, Performance & Analysis, Musical BreathworkTM 

Communications Make-Over Series - An all-encompassing workshop to become aware of your default presence, your options of how to show up onstage and offstage, and how to get there. Hsing-ay Hsu will guide you through prompts, exercises, and a new mindset, so that you can share your charisma with abundance!

College Seminars/Courses - Artistic Practicing, Musical BreathworkTM 

Pre-College Masterclass

College Seminar

Community Building
“I believe that as a soloist, I share in the work of our audience development, and hold a unique opportunity to increase the momentum for your organization’s long-term mission at a focused moment-in-time.”

 "Team Building through Conscious ListeningTM Emotional Awareness"
Play an Emotions Matching Game to match pieces with emotions. A light-hearted group activity with serious benefits.

"Artist Ambassador Guest Soloist Residencies"
Hsing-ay is an effective event-focused collaborator with the objective of building bridges between the onstage and offstage experience, between the composers' and audience's perspectives, and between music and life. Programming themes can tie into promoting the aspirations of the organization, both online and within the local community.  

"Enjoyed the entire evening but especially: the concert was a real community event!" Maureen