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Creating joyful, personal, multidimensional experiences...

Concert Pianist/Educator/Producer/Consultant

Steinway Artist Hsing-ay Hsu (“Sing-I Shoo”) joyfully shares the power of concert piano music to bring multidimensional awareness and to weave a rich cultural fabric. Through concerts, residencies, and courses, Ms. Hsu empowers performers and lifelong learners to find transformational pathways through her performances and teaching on how creative listening is essential to making music and living fully. 

Ms. Hsu has performed at prestigious venues across the globe, including Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center, and Lincoln Center. Born in Beijing, Ms. Hsu trained with her uncle Fei-Ping Hsu, at Juilliard, Yale School of Music, as well as Ravinia Steans Institute, Aspen, and Tanglewood Festivals. Recipient of numerous international awards, the Washington Post praised her “power and authority”. Her thoughtful interpretations and “explosions of energy” (NY Times) have won her the Juilliard William Petschek Debut Award, William Kapell International Competition Silver Medal, Ima Hogg National First Prize, Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship, Gilmore Young Artist Award, and the US Presidential Scholar of the Arts Award from President Clinton.

Embracing the improvisatory spirit of early music as well as the adventure of premiering new works, Ms. Hsu reaches new audiences through a diverse repertoire of concert music and innovative programs, such as pairing the abstract experience of music to other disciplines and tangible ideas like fashion and wine to give audiences a wider gateway of access. Her artist residencies strengthens communities through musical events.

As Artistic Director for Pendulum New Music at the University of Colorado in Boulder, she supervised over 500 student and professional premieres, and hosted national and international residencies. She has been guest faculty at several universities and guest speaker for various organizations including a MTNA national convention. She uses her Conscious ListeningTM Café webinars and workshops to help others make connections between analysis, emotions, and breath. Owner of the Nutmeg Studio NYC, Ms. Hsu teaches many types of masterclasses and offers several unique online courses to infuse creativity into the process of mastering traditional concepts. Her unique integration of leading with listening and multiple modes of learning produces incredible results in advancing artistry and technical masteryShe regularly interviews experts from different walks of life to explore musical analogies on her YouTube channel “HsingayHsu”. Recent projects include a live webinar series connecting arts, health, and education for Yale China Association, and cultural events for NY Adventure Club. 


What's in A Name?

I was born after the bloody Cultural Revolution and the devastating TangShan Earthquakes. My parents, both pianists, took a long time in trying to name me. They finally decided on "Hsing-ay", an extraction from a Chinese phrase "Fang Xing Wei Ai", which means "Always Growing".

"Playing the piano is the kind of experience that when I listen to every nuance of every little note, I become conscious of everything around me...and of being alive."   - Hsing-ay Hsu in her Gilmore Young Artist interview

"At a time in our society when our attention span, our memory, and our ability to function are being threatened by an overload of complex information, our humanity is becoming more like machines. It is in this darkness that the performing arts offer an antidote by giving us a curated moment in time, to appreciate multidimensional experiences, and to use diverse modalities to seek out multiple paths forward."
- Hsing-ay Hsu

Formal Version:

Since making her stage debut at age 4, Chinese pianist Hsing-ay Hsu (“Sing-I Shoo”) has performed at such notable venues as Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center, and abroad in Asia and Europe.

Her first major win against seasoned stars was a coveted William Kapell International Piano Competition silver medal. Ms. Hsu went on to win the Ima Hogg National Competition First Prize, the prestigious Juilliard William Petschek Recital Award, a McCrane Foundation Artist Grant, a Paul & Daisy Soros Graduate Fellowship Award, and a Gilmore Young Artist Award. She was also named a US Presidential Scholar of the Arts by President Clinton at the White House.

A versatile concerto soloist performing Bach to Barber, she is described by the Washington Post as full of “power, authority, and self-assurance.” Concerto collaborations include the Houston Symphony Orchestra as first-prize winner of the 2003 Ima Hogg National Competition, the Baltimore Symphony, the Colorado Symphony, Pacific Symphony(CA), Austin, Colorado Springs, Florida West Coast, Fort Collins, New Jersey, Waterbury(CT), China National, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Xiamen orchestras. Television and radio feature broadcasts include Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion Live from Tanglewood (for a 10,000+ live audience members and 3.9 million broadcast audience), NPR’s Performance Today with Martin Goldsmith, WQXR's Young Artists Showcase, TCI cablevision’s Grand Piano Recital (CA), CPR’s Colorado Spotlight, China Central National TV, Hong Kong Phoenix TV, and Danish National Radio. She has recorded CD/DVD’s for Pacific Records, Albany Records, and Nutmeg Press labels.

An advocate of new music, she has given numerous world premieres including Ezra Laderman’s Piano Sonata No. and Beshert; Ned Rorem’s Aftermath (2002) for baritone and piano trio; Daniel Kellogg’s scarlet thread at the Guggenheim Museum in New York and his Momentum, which she commissioned for the 1998 Gilmore International Keyboard Festival; as well as Du MingXin’s Piano Concerto No.3 at the Gulangyu International Piano Festival and National Tour.  Other venues include National Sawdust, NYC.

Chamber music appearances include Carnegie Weill Hall, Bargemusic in New York, the Aspen Music Festival, Tanglewood, the Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival, the Gardner Museum in Boston, the Detroit Art Museum, Denmark’s Viborg Hall, Taiwan’s Novel Hall, and a 2007 all-stars gala in Hong Kong for the 10th anniversary of the reunification.  For her cultural projects, such as the multi-media recital China through the Lens of Piano Music, co-directing/performing in the George Crumb at 80 Music Festival, and producing/performing the Olivier Messiaen Centennial series.

Inspired by interdisciplinary arts, she has collaborated on several projects as a piano soloist with the Colorado Ballet and dance projects at CU, multimedia works, a flamenco composer/guitarist, a jazz pianist, and even a local theater improv group.

During her fourteen years as Artistic Director for Pendulum New Music at the University of Colorado - Boulder, Ms. Hsu became a prominent cultural figure in the Denver-Boulder corridor, where she was named a “Denver Pathmaker”, solo-ed with the Colorado Symphony, and created diverse events for the Denver Art Museum.  She brought in international artists to the region from Finland, Mexico, the U.K., hosted celebrity masterclasses including Kronos Quartet and Béla Fleck, and  oversaw the premiere of almost five hundred premieres, creating a local buzz and establishing an online presence for the Pendulum brand.  

Her Conscious Listening seminars bring dynamic teaching to festivals, private homes, music societies, and pre-concert talks for the CU Presents Artist Series.  Recent project collaborators include the Yale China Institute and the Longmont Symphony.  She also adjudicates regularly for national and international competitions.   

Ms. Hsu has been visiting piano faculty at Ohio University, the University of Colorado in Boulder, Metro State University, and University of Northern Colorado, and has given masterclasses and seminars at institutions including the International Keyboard Odyssiad Festival, Music Teachers National Association national conference, University of Denver, Conservatoire Maurice Ravel in Paris, Chautauqua New York, and Central Conservatory Pre-College in China.   A beloved teacher, her students have won numerous solo and concerto prizes.  Besides chairing the CSMTA College Forum, she served on the national editorial board of American Music Teacher magazine.  She is on the Rocky Ridge Adult Seminar faculty in Estes Park, Colorado.  Owner of Nutmeg Studio NYC, she mentors young/young-at-heart lifelong learners and teachers in piano and chamber music, through online intensives and in person lessons, and highlights current issues for musicians on her YouTube channel HsingayHsu.  

Born in Beijing, Hsu studied piano with her parents and her uncle Fei-Ping Hsu, and later with Herbert Stessin at Juilliard and Claude Frank at Yale. She also trained in the fellowship programs at the Tanglewood Music Center, Ravinia Festival’s Steans Institute, the Aldeburgh Britten-Pears Programme (UK), the Aspen Music Festival, and abroad.  Ms. Hsu is a Steinway Artist and resides in New York City with her husband, composer and Young Concert Artists president Daniel Kellogg, and one daughter.

Chinese Short Version:

自4岁开始登台演出以来,中国钢琴家许兴艾曾在卡内基音乐厅,肯尼迪中心,林肯中心, 以及亚洲和欧洲演出。在进入茱莉亚大学一年级时,她就获得了William Kapell国际钢琴比赛银牌。还获得了Ima Hogg全美比赛第一名,著名的Juilliard William Petschek独奏音乐奖,McCrane基金会艺术家奖,Paul&Daisy Soros研究生奖学金奖以及Gilmore青年艺术家奖。克林顿总统亲自在白宫给她颁发了美国总统艺术学者金奖。

她是一位多才多艺的艺术家,演奏从巴赫到巴伯尔的作品,《纽约时报》评论她的演奏是“威力四射,具有惊人的震撼力。”《华盛顿邮报》描述她“是一位充满权威,力量和自信的钢琴家。”她曾经和休斯敦交响乐团,巴尔的摩交响乐团,科罗拉多交响乐团,太平洋交响乐团,科罗拉多斯普林交响乐团,佛罗里达西海岸交响乐团,柯林斯堡交响乐团,新泽西交响乐团,沃特伯里交响乐团,中国国家交响乐团,上海交响乐团,深圳和厦门乐团合作演出。在她参与的电视和电台广播节目中,包括了Garrison Keillor在Tanglewood的“Prairie Home Companion Live,”由Martin Goldsmith主持NPR的“今日节目”,TCI cablevision的“大钢琴演奏会”,CPR的“科罗拉多亮点节目,”中国中央电视台,香港凤凰卫视,和丹麦国家广播电台。她为Pacific Records,Albany Records,和Nutmeg Press录制了CD / DVD。

作为新音乐的倡导者,她曾多次在世界首演,包括Ezra Laderman的钢琴奏鸣曲和Beshert; Ned Rorem的Aftermath(为男中音和钢琴写的三重奏);在纽约古根海姆博物馆首演凯洛格为她而写的“朱红色的线条”和“动力”。她应邀在鼓浪屿国际钢琴节和全国巡演杜鸣心的“第三钢琴协奏曲”。室内音乐表演包括在Carnegie Weill Hall,纽约Bargemusic,Aspen音乐节,Tanglewood,五湖室内乐音乐节,波士顿Gardner博物馆,底特律艺术博物馆,丹麦Viborg音乐厅,台湾音乐厅和香港回归十周年庆典等。她参与的文化项目,例如通过钢琴音乐镜头的多媒体独奏音乐会,在George Crumb 80岁音乐节共同导演/表演,以及制作/表演Olivier Messiaen Centennial系列,丹佛邮报称她为“开路先锋”。许兴艾也是一位充满激情的室内乐音乐家,她喜欢创作主题项目并探索和其他风格的合作。譬如最近的弗拉门戈作曲家和爵士乐的朋友。

许兴艾已成为丹佛- 博尔德走廊的文化名人,她与科罗拉多交响乐团合作并参与丹佛艺术博物馆创作活动。她很荣幸能够指导年轻和年老的音乐家和教师,并担任当地组织的创意顾问。还兼任CU-Boulder“Pendulum”新音乐的艺术总监。她还邀请到来自芬兰,墨西哥,英国的国际艺术家,主持了包括Kronos Quartet和Béla Fleck在内的名人大师班,并组织了近500场音乐会的首演。

她的“Conscious ListeningTM”研讨会系列节目,给私人住宅,音乐社团和音乐会前的讲座带来了动态的教学。她还应邀定期为国内和国际比赛担任裁判。除了担任CSMTA学院论坛的组织者,她还是美国音乐教师杂志的全国编辑委员会成员。她的录音经常在科州的广播电台上播出。

她曾应邀访问俄亥俄大学,科罗拉多大学博尔德分校,新城州立大学,和北科罗拉多大学,并在科罗拉多州埃斯蒂斯帕克的Rocky Ridge成人研讨会上,国际键盘Odyssiad音乐节,全国音乐教师协会会议等机构举办大师班和研讨会。(包括丹佛大学,巴黎Maurice Ravel音乐学院,纽约Chautauqua和中国中央音乐学院附中。)作为一位倍受称赞的老师,她的学生们获得了无数的独奏和协奏曲奖。

许兴艾出生于北京,小时候与父母和叔叔许斐平学习钢琴,后来又在茱莉亚和耶鲁大学深造。她还曾在Tanglewood音乐中心,Ravinia Festival Steans Institute,Aldeburgh Britten-Pears Program(英国),Aspen音乐节以及国外接受过培训。许兴艾是施坦威艺术家,与丈夫作曲家(Young Concert Artists主席)Daniel Kellogg住在纽约。


Hsing-ay Hsu - 許興艾



在中國舉辦的第二屆鼓浪嶼鋼琴節,許興艾應邀參加演出,並在北京,上海,廣州,廈門,香港演奏四首大型協奏曲。2003年許興艾榮獲Ima Hogg鋼琴比賽第一名。2003年6月,許興艾應《草原之家》廣播電台邀請,在著名的“Tanglewood”夏天音樂營大顯琴藝,有一萬多名觀眾現場聆聽,另外還有四百萬聽眾在收音機前欣賞這次精彩的演奏。








許興艾在美國和中國的大學裡經常舉辦講授鋼琴大師班。 同時也活躍在室內樂的舞台上。她還對融入現代音樂了有極大的興趣和高度的熱忱。她世界首演了包括美國現代最著名的Ezra Laderman,Ned Rorem 以及她的先生-著名的美國青年作曲家 Daniel Kellogg 的作品。

許興艾出生於北京,三歲隨父母學琴,后來又追隨叔叔許斐平深造。在茱利亞音樂學院師從Herbert Stessin。在耶魯大學師從Claude Frank。目前,許興艾在科羅拉多大學擔任现代音樂活動的藝術主任,並繼續她的演奏生涯。



Seit ihrem Debüt-Phase im Alter von 4, chinesische Pianist Hsing-ay Hsu ( "Sing-I Shcue") hat an diesen Veranstaltungsorten wie der Carnegie Hall, dem Kennedy Center, Alice Tully Hall im Lincoln Center, international und in China, Japan, Taiwan , Die Tschechische Republik, Dänemark und Frankreich. Ihre fürsorgliche und leidenschaftlichen Interpretationen hat sie zahlreiche Auszeichnungen, einschließlich der Juilliard School's William Petschek Debut Award, William Kapell International Piano Competition zweiten Preis, Ima Hogg Nationale Wettbewerb First-Preis, Paul & Daisy Soros Graduate Fellowship, Gilmore Young Artist Award , Und den Vereinigten Staaten Presidential Scholar des Arts Award von Präsident Clinton. Sie wurde featured auf Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion Live aus Tanglewood, NPR's Performance Heute, Chinesisch National Fernseher, und die dänische Public Radio. Konzert-Highlights gehören die Austin, Baltimore, China National, Colorado, Houston, New Jersey, Pazifik, Waterbury, Shanghai, Xiamen und Symphonie Orchester. Solo-Aufnahmen auf Pacific Records und Albany Records gewonnen haben kritische Anerkennung. Ein Anwalt für neue Musik, sie hat zahlreiche Werke uraufgeführt. Geboren in Peking, Hsu studierte Klavier mit ihren Eltern und Onkel Fei-Ping Hsu, Herbert Stessin auf Juilliard, Claude Frank an der Yale, und Ursula Oppens in Tanglewood. Darüber hinaus ist sie Künstlerische Administrator für die Pendel-Serie Neue Musik an der Universität von Colorado in Boulder, wo sie wohnt mit ihrem Mann, der Komponist Daniel Kellogg, und Tochter, Kaela.




Со времени своего дебюта на этапе возрасте 4, китайский пианист HSING Ай-Су ( "Синг-я Shoo") выступал в таких местах, как Карнеги-Холл, Кеннеди Центр, Алиса Tully зал в Линкольн Центре, и на международном уровне в Китай, Японию, Тайвань , Чешская Республика, Дания и Франция. Ее глубокие и страстные интерпретации завоевал ее многочисленные награды, включая "Juilliard школы Уильям Petschek Дебют премии Уильям Kapell Международный конкурс пианистов второй приз, Ima Хогг Национальный конкурс первый приз, Пол ? Дейзи Сороса выпускников стипендии, Гилмор молодых художников премии , ? президента Соединенных Штатов исследователь искусства премии от президента Клинтона. Она была отмечена на гарнизонной Keillor ? Прери Главная Companion Live от Tanglewood, NPR's спектакля Сегодня китайское национальное телевидение, ? датский Общественное радио. Концерт числу Остин, Балтимор, Китайская национальная, Колорадо, Хьюстоне, Нью-Джерси, Тихого океана, Waterbury, Шанхай, Сямынь ? симфонического оркестров. Сольные записи на Тихоокеанском отчетов ? отчеты Олбани завоевали признание критической. Выступать за новую музыку, она Премьера многочисленных работ. Родился ? Пекине, Хсу изучал фортепиано ? родителями ? дядей Фэй-Пин Хсу, Герберт Stessin на Juilliard, Клод Франк ? Йельском, а Урсула Oppens на Tanglewood. Она является также художественным администратора для маятника Новая музыка серии в Университете Колорадо в Боулдер, где она проживает со своим мужем, композитор Даниэль Келлога, и дочь, Kaela.


Sinds haar debuut op de leeftijd van fase 4, de Chinese pianist Hsing-ay Hsu ( "Sing-I Szuh") trad op dergelijke plekken als Carnegie Hall, het Kennedy Center, Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center, en internationaal in China, Japan, Taiwan , De Tsjechische Republiek, Denemarken en Frankrijk. Haar passie doordachte en interpretaties heeft gewonnen haar talloze onderscheidingen, waaronder The Juilliard School William Petschek Debut Award, William Kapell International Piano Competition tweede prijs, IMA Hogg Nationale Competitie eerste prijs, Paul & Daisy Soros Graduate Fellowship, Gilmore Young Artist Award , En de Verenigde Staten Presidential Scholar of the Arts Award van president Clinton. Ze is onderwerp geweest van Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion Live van Tanglewood, NPR's Performance Vandaag, de Chinese nationale televisie, en de Deense Public Radio. Concerto hoogtepunten zijn de Austin, Baltimore, China National, Colorado, Houston, New Jersey, Pacific, Waterbury, Shanghai, Xiamen en symfonieorkesten. Solo-opnamen op Pacific Records en Albany Records gewonnen hebben kritiek. Een warm pleitbezorger van de nieuwe muziek, ze heeft talrijke werken in première. Geboren in Beijing, Hsu studeerde piano bij haar ouders en oom Fei-Ping Hsu en Herbert Stessin op Juilliard, Claude Frank op Yale, en Ursula Oppens op Tanglewood. Ze is ook Artistiek beheerder voor de Pendulum New Music Series van de University of Colorado in Boulder, waar ze woont met haar man, componist Daniel Kellogg, en dochter, Kaela.


Siden hendes debut kun 4 år gammel, den kinesiske pianist Hsing-ay Hsu ( "Sing-I Shoo") har givet koncert blandt andre i Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center, Alice Tully Hall på Lincoln Center, og internationalt i Kina, Japan, Taiwan , Tjekkiet, Danmark og Frankrig. Hendes tankevækkende og lidenskabelig fortolkninger har vundet hende adskillige priser, herunder Juilliard School's William Petschek Debut Award, William Kapell International Piano Konkurrence anden pris, IMA Hogg nationale konkurrencemyndigheder første-præmien, Paul & Daisy Soros Graduate Fellowship, Gilmore Young Artist Award , Og USA Presidential Scholar af Arts Award fra præsident Clinton. Hun har optrådt på Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion Live fra Tanglewood, NPR's ydeevne i dag kinesiske National Television, og danske Public Radio. Concerto fremhæver bl.a. Austin, Baltimore, China National, Colorado, Houston, New Jersey, Stillehavet, Waterbury, Shanghai, og Xiamen Symfoni Orkestre. Solo optagelser på Pacific Records og Albany Records har vundet kritisk anerkendelse. Fortaler for ny musik, hun har uropført en række værker. Født i Beijing, Hsu studeret klaver med hendes forældre og onkel FEI-Ping Hsu, Herbert Stessin på Juilliard, Claude Frank på Yale, og Ursula Oppens på Tanglewood. Hun er også kunstneriske Administrator for pendulet New Music serie på University of Colorado i Boulder, hvor hun er bosat med sin mand, komponisten Daniel Kellogg, og datter, Kaela.


Pianisti Hsing-ay Hsun ensi esiintyminen tapahtui jo 4-vuotiaana ja siitä lähtien hän on konsertoinut useissa maailmankuuluissa konserttisaleissa  kuten Carnegie Hallissa, Washingtonin Kennedy Centerissä, Lincoln Centerin Alice Tully Hallissa, Carnegie Hallin Weill Recital Hallissa ( loppuunmyyty soolokonsertti ) sekä ulkomailla Aasiassa ja Euroopassa. Viimeaikaisista esiintymisistä mainittakoon viiden kaupungin kiertue Kiinassa sekä Barber Concerto Peter Bayn ja Austinin Sinfoniaorkesterin kanssa. Hsun tulkitsema Brahmsin D minor Concerto Baltimoren Sinfoniaorkesterin kanssa sai Washington Postin kirjoittamaan ’esityksen olleen täynnä voimaa, auktoriteettia ja itsevarmuutta’.  Hsu debytoi Houstonin Sinfoniaorkesterin kera saatuaan ensimmäisen palkinnon v.2003 Ima Hoggin kansallisissa kilpailuissa. Hän tekee yhteistyötä myös Baltimoren, Pasificin, China Nationalin, Shanghain, Xiamenin, Florida West Coastin, New Jerseyn ja Waterburyn orkersterien kanssa.


Hsu sai v.2000 arvostetun Juilliard William Petschek Recital palkinnon ja  v. 2003 McCrane Foundationin taitelija-apurahan. Edelleen 1999-2001 hän sai vastaanottaa Paul ja Daisy Sorosin Graduate Fellowship palkinnon ja v. 1997 hänelle myönnettiin Gilmore Young  Artist palkinto. Aloittaessaan Juilliardin opintonsa hän voitti 1996 toisen palkinnon William Kapellin kansainvälisessä pianokilpailussa. Presidentti Clinton nimitti hänet  Valkoisessa Talossa US Presidential Scholar of the Arts kunnianosoituksella.  Hsun debyytti CD ( Pacific Records ) on saavuttanut arvostelumenestyksen ja hän esiintyikin tähtenä Pekingin Pianotaiteen sarjassa. Uusi Albany Recordsin tuottama solo CD valmistuu tänä kesänä.


Hsu syntyi Pekingissä ja aloitti opintonsa vanhempiensa johdolla jatkaen sen jälkeen Fei-Ping Hsun oppilaana, Juilliardissa Herbert Stessin oppilaana sekä Claude Frankin ohjauksella Yalen Yliopistossa.  Hän toimii nykyisin Coloradon Yliopiston  Pendulum New Music Seriesin taiteellisena johtajana ja opettajana Boulderin kaupungissa, jossa hän asuu miehensä säveltäjä David Kellogin kanssa.