Creating joyful, personal, multidimensional experiences...

Adult Piano Masterclass CO

THU 10/13/22 9-11:30am MT

Arvada, CO

Steinway Concert Grand. Please email for limited Auditor registration, or to join a Participants waitlist.

SUN 10/23/22 11:30am ET
Conscious Listening Performance Demo

No cost or registration needed to attend. KN94/95 masks are required at this time.

Adult Piano Masterclass NYC

SUN 10/23/22 1-2:30pm ET

All Angels' Church, 251 W. 80th (Broadway)

Steinway Model A. Please email for info on how to be a Participant.
No cost to attend. KN94/95 masks are required for the audience at this time.

College Residency at Regent University

Virginia Beach, VA, Nov 3-4, 2023

Recital Tickets Available Soon...

Solo Recital

SAT Nov 12, 2022, 7pm ET

Upper West Side, NY, NY

Tickets Available Soon...

Solo Recital

FRI Feb 10, 2023, 7pm ET
All Angels' Church, 251 W. 80th (Broadway)

TUE Feb 14, 2023, 7:30pm MT
Second Tuesday Series at Trinity Presbyterian, Arvada, CO

Other locations TBA

a multidimensional listening practice...
4th SAT's January to October, 12-1pm ET

Email to reserve a spot. $10 & up

Chinwe Esimai's Brilliance Beyond Borders Book

Inspiring Stories of Immigrant Women
(I'm Ms. Chapter 2.)

The Art of Musical Pairings
LIVE WEBINAR with guest interviews, artwork, & Hsing-ay's exclusive performances

On Demand $10

Discover musical connections with the world record holder for a gingerbread house village, visual artist, Somatic movement educator, sommelier, and more!

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Latest Webinar Testimonials!

"I have watched numerous webinars over the last year and can honestly say this is the best one yet. It was so well-paced, well organized, informative, instructional and entertaining. The slide presentation, the musical examples, the performances, the narrative were all exemplary." -Catherine

"I liked the combination of performance and narration. The presenter played a work of Rachmaninoff that I had not heard before." -Donna

"Amazing piano playing and history" -Maggie

"It was a plus to hear such beautiful playing. I loved to see the performance spaces, the Steinway floral explosion, and the personal connection Hsingayhsu has with Rachmaninov." -Michele

"Great performances and interesting information" -Cynthia

"Lovely music, very well played. The lecture portion was just the right amount of information." -Carol Jean

"The history and the playing were excellent. And that was one classy piano!" -Philip

"I liked when the speaker demonstrated various topics on the piano. I also liked her quizzes and how she counted on the piano using an octave! Her performances were a treat." -Marcia

"The presenter, the content, the music...all excellent" -Ron

"Outstanding! this will definitely be one I'll watch a few more times via the replay to soak up as much of her info as I can. Plus, beautiful playing!" -Michele

"The presenter was excellent and I enjoyed her piano performances as well as the historical material she presented about Rachmaninoff’s life." -Wendy

"Very different than other programs and very rewarding. But then I love classical music and have actually played some Rachmaninoff (but not necessarily well.)" -Lee

"I liked the lecturer's extensive knowledge, and her excellent selection of photos.""" -Harold

Recent Events:

"Own the Stage: Project Self-confidence and Charisma"

Communications Make-Over 5.0
How do we share our presence when we perform?

An all-encompassing workshop to become aware of your default presence, your options of how to show up onstage, and how to get there. Hsing-ay Hsu, Steinway Artist and owner of Nutmeg Studio NYC, will guide you through prompts, exercises, and a new mindset, so that you can share your charisma with abundance!

TUE 8/2/22 9-10am MT
Tickets: $20.

MON 8/1/22 Private coachings available. Email me at

Rocky Ridge Adult-Piano-Seminar Presents:

Defining Character!
Lecture - Performance

THU 8/4/2022 7pm MT

Want to study with me in the Colorado Rockies?
Session 1 August 2-6
Waitlist only.


Hsing-ay Hsu & Maestro Elliot Moore

Solo House Concert and Q&A

This event has passed.

Rachmaninoff’s Variations on a Theme by Chopin OP.22: "Elegance Meets Passion"

xplore how Rachmaninoff transforms a tragic prelude by Chopin into twenty two variations of beauty, inspiration, and triumph.

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