Grace through Dance

Taking up the Chautauqua challenge of defining Grace last week, I found it while watching Robert Kleinendorst and Dr. Madelyn Ho dance in the Wednesday Paul Taylor Dance Company performance. Grace is... Having the reserve to do a whole body flick at the end of a tilted jump- suspended in air. Serenity in extreme stillness - while balanced on a moving body. Showing up to the world - knowing that every millimeter of your body is exposed on a stage. Connection to the ground beneath us, the space between us, and everyone around us. An ultimate display of the virtuosity with which humans were created- and what our potential might be. - Hsing-ay Hsu

Steinway Artist concert pianist Hsing-ay Hsu taught Special Studies "Inside the Orchestra", a guided music listening seminar, in Week 7.

As printed in the Chautauquan Daily, August 15, 2019.