How to Find the Right Teacher for You

You have made the important decision to invest in music. How do you find the right teacher? Every teacher will offer you a different set of methodology. The most important piece you can bring to the table is to communicate what your ultimate goals are, and see how a teacher will respond to that. A relationship is dynamic and over time you should find that your teacher is willing to help you stay your course through the good and bad times that you will have with your work.


Whether the teacher has the creativity, credentials, experience, and patience to explain complex ideas in multiple ways so that you are able to understand it personally.

Whether the teacher is actively engaging in current educational ideas and bringing expansive knowledge to you.

Whether the teacher is continually testing out new ideas and performance practices in ongoing research and development.

Whether the teacher can help you better understand yourself, your playing, and your options, and manage the good and bad times that you will have with your creative work.

What you really want - whether you are willing to risk trying new ideas and exploring challenging topics, or if you prefer not to have to change your ways.

How other students have described their relationships, and how their playing and lives have been transformed.

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