Zoom Audio Set-up for Music

To have good sound quailty, allow 10 minutes to try out your setup before the webinar. You can try out the link a day beforehand. You can sign into the Café 5 minutes beforehand.

*Please use a laptop. Sharing audio is not currently available on mobile devices.

  1. Ask your house mates not to use WiFi during this hour, and turn off all other programs and notifications on your computer. These would divert/weaken your Zoom's WiFi connection. You can click here to check your WIFI bandwidth: https://www.speedtest.net/ . 1.2Mbps upload/download is pretty good. Stay close to the router. Use a physical ethernet cable if you have one. If you don't have Zoom, you can click on the meeting link ahead of time to automatically do a quick two minute app download. You do not need to open an account.

  2. If you can invest in a plug-in USB speaker, I use the OontZ Angle 3 Ultra. Click on audio settings on the lower left corner to select your speaker. Keep the speaker close by, 1-2 feet away from your ears, and remember to adjust the volume. You may also like earphones. I use the Grado Labs Prestige Series SR225 that are currently discontinued but there are used ones available.

  3. Click “Join meeting with video” 5 minutes before the meetup and set up your audio for music listening.

On your control dashboard next to the mic icon, you will find an "^" arrow. Click on that to reveal the menu. Click on Audio Settings.

  • Adjust your input and output volume as desired

  • Unclick “automatically adjust mic volume.”

Click the “Advanced” button, usually lower right corner.

  • Set both “suppress background noise” options to “low" or "disable

  • Check the box “enable original sound”; this avoids distortion of music

  • Set Echo Cancellation to “auto.”

During our meetup, if you see “turn on original sound” on your screen, click it.

4. Click on the Mic icon on the lower left corner to unmute yourself for talking. Check that your "Mic icon" doesn't have a red line across it, and it should display a “Mute” option.

5.Raise your hand when you want to talk.

6.When you want to see everyone, check on the upper right hand that you see a "Speaker View" option.

When you want to see me, check on the upper right hand that you see a "Gallery View" option.

You’re ready to go! Cheers, Hsing-ay

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