Intro to "In C" Instructions and Score Excerpt

It's play time! Communal music making goes back to the very beginnings of the history of man. We can reclaim the art of collective listening. Multiple points of view, with all the elements of dynamics, rhythm, melody, harmony in flux. As we engage with the entire room, we also choose how to show up. If you are not ready to jump in to improv today, there is no expectation. However it will be more fun for you and everyone else if you try! 

Don't have training? No problem! Keep the pulse by rubbing your hands, snapping when you want to get louder, and clapping to get really loud, all the while focused on listening to what is happening with everyone else.

Video: This is kinda what it looks like! Except it's very casual, there's no hologram dancers, and we're only doing an excerpt around 7 minutes:
percussion centered version:

Practice video: SKIP FROM MEASURE 15 TO 43!

Transposed parts: