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Chamber Music Series (with Geraldine Walthers & others)

Musical Greetings Series



Nutmeg Studio NYC: Success Stories

Yale-China Musical Moments: building cultural bridges and promoting health

Musical Breathwork Series


"Practicing of Listening" Series - different types of listening

Interviews: Dean Robert Blocker, Yale School of Music

Pathways Forward in Music Series: cultural leaders envision our future.

"Empowering Women" Playlist 

Pre-concert talks for our Mozart K.414 piano concerto, the idea behind "Artist Ambassador", and orchestral works by Brahms and Schumann.

Café Thoughts: Pairing Music and Words

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Practice of Listening Series 

Fancy Pianos 

Tools of Expression

Chamber Music Series
Includes James MacMillan's "Kiss on Wood" with Paul & Daisy Soros Fellow Cellist Sophie Shao

Pathways Forward in Music Series
Rocky Ridge Director SoYoung Lee
Café Sampler for Boulder Arts Week, with guest Ron Stewart
Ursula Oppens on New Music,  Rosina Lhévinne, and more
Oppens continued...on Playing Carter and more
Founder Geoff Collinson chats about "What's in the Pipeline" at Aeyons

HEAR THAT! Harmony Masterclass: Champion Michael Gendel
Hsing-ay's "Musical Journey" w/ Aeyons Founder/Director Geoff Collinson

Musical Fun
Shapes & Lines
Colorful Scales
The Endgame for Performance Prep

Musical Greetings
Musical Greetings - Happy Mother's Day!
Musical Greetings - Happy Birthday in 30 Chords

Music Education
"5 Themes of Composing an Intensive"

Schmitt Music Denver

Musical Breathwork Series
Yale webinar series - info below

Solo Performances
Please also visit the Special Events Page

Beethoven op.111 audio, preceded by commentary

"Joy of Harvest" - by my father Fei-Hsing Hsu

City Solitude" - Mozart, Brahms, and Rachmaninoff Solo Works

“City Solitude”- the paradox of living in the busiest city in the world, and being utterly isolated during a global pandemic. What does that actually feel like? The past half a year of social isolation is impacting us physically and mentally, and spiritually. Through the lens of the music of Mozart, Brahms, and Rachmaninoff, we connect with the city solitude experienced by great artists in other times and places to express and contemplate our own present moment.

2020 YoungArts Multi-Disciplinary Exhibition "do it (home)"

I perform an original musical interpretation of artistic instructions.Hans Ulrich, guest of honor/creator/curator of Serpentine Gallery in London