Yale-China Midday Musical Moments:
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Weekly Performances of Music by Chinese Folk Song, Grieg, Liu, Gershwin, Wang, Bach, Mozart, and Rachmaninoff.

Conversation with Dean Robert Blocker (Yale School of Music) and Hsing-ay Hsu

May 27: "Musical Empowerment" Pt.1,
In Celebration of AAPI Heritage Month

June 3: "Music in Our Lives" Pt.2
Tune in to this conversation about the people and ideas behind the music. Robert Blocker and Hsing-ay Hsu explore their musical spirit, topical issues that musicians confront across cultures and borders, and creativity as a source of courage and empowerment through Midday Musical Moments.

8-Week Live Webinar Series
June 10 - July 29, Thursdays, 12:00 pm ET


Pianist Hsing-ay Hsu (Yale School of Music alum) guides her audience through wellness and breathing awareness that you can practice anytime, anywhere, with a little creativity through music. The Streamyard/Faceboook livestreams at noon ET will premiere on this YouTube channel "hsingayhsupianist" at 2pm ET. In English.

Conversation with Dr. Keith Churchwell (President of Yale New Haven Hospital; President of Board of New Haven Symphony Orchestra) and Hsing-ay Hsu
July 29: "Listening for Music and Health"

  • I have loved Hsing-ay's way of making connections between the world of music and the way we approach every aspect of our lives: our thoughts, memories, emotions, and physical well-being.

  • Thanks for sharing your talent with us. For me personally, the music is what stands out the most - the chance to take a mindful break with this level/quality of music makes me feel fortunate.

  • I don’t know a lot about music. I appreciated the part I saw about breathing. This is so simple and music is such a lovely relaxer. Also I know so little about this culture and it’s a window for me.


Welcome & Intro to Musical Breathwork 欢迎会及音乐呼吸法介绍

Family Connection 家庭联系

Express Thanks 表达感谢

Celebrate "July 4th"! Let Loose 欢庆“独立日”

A Private Moment 私人时光

Internal Intentions 内心意愿

Energize 激发活力

Conclusion with Q&A 结语与问答

Description information in Chinese, courtesy of Yale China Beijing:


"It really is hard to put down your expectations of yourself and be able to have fun and play around with sound. I want to share some of the music that I really enjoy playing around in my head and see where it opens up places of expression for you."

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These are collected arts/education/health resources that may help you explore ideas and people mentioned in the MMM webinar series. These are not a substitute for medical advice or therapy, and may not necessarily represent the views of Hsing-ay Hsu. Please be thoughtful about your needs as you choose the right ones.

Conscious Listening Cafe with Hsing-ay
interactive small group webinars

Musical Breathwork with Hsing-ay
Guided breathing to piano music YouTu

China through the Lens of the Piano
biographical/historical DVD by Hsing-ay. Limited stock.

"Joy of Harvest" by Fei-hsing Hsu
Youtube piano performance and commentary with Hsing-ay

About Chinese Folk Songs

In folk songs, Chinese people really let go and get unabashedly emotional and expressive.

Composer Huang Ruo sings some well known folk songs: https://youtu.be/oqHlO7SMZRE


Family Connections


Parent Resource: https://www.immigranthistory.org/covid19_parentguide.html?fbclid=IwAR0GC4qlUNM9r7EMsR_iUQ5VSIgwzlZP9joCKpQdtjW7JFE1DnJSiMprujM

Paul & Daisy Soros (Graduate) Fellowships for New Americans:

Expressing Gratitude

Philip Sheegog:

Matthew Liu:

Harassment Bystander Training


A Private Moment

Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence Mood Meter and RULER tool

Wang A-Mao

Educator's Resource from Yale