AAC Residency

All Angels' Church
251 W 80th Street (& Broadway), New York City

Hsing-ay Hsu, 2022-2023 Artist-in-Residence
Seth Little, Director of Music and Art

Personal Vision

I am thrilled to be the 2022-2023 Artist-in-Residence at All Angels' Church in New York City, exploring "The Practice of Listening"! When I first created Conscious ListeningTM, I was looking for ways to expand the way audiences listen and engage with concert music. Since then, I spent fourteen years working with University of Colorado students on how to rehearse and collaborate in a way that was led by listening, so that the performance was personally meaningful and multidimensional. In this next chapter of my work, I want to explore why the quality of listening is important to life as well, and how a regular practice of listening is an essential part of being an engaged and creative community member.

Founded as an Episcopal settlement parish in the historical Seneca Village, All Angels' Church has always had a reputation for bringing people of different backgrounds and circumstances together, bridging art and faith, and listening to a diversity of voices including those of vulnerable and spiritually exhausted New Yorkers. (Its parishioners included author Madeleine L'Engle.) 

In our society of ever increasing complexity and diversity of values, the compression of time to process and absorb information, and an epidemic of loneliness, we are more challenged than ever to find common ground and pathways forward. I am moved to use music listening as a way to cultivate a creative mode for connecting to ourselves and others, and for creating a safer culture of listening. How encouraging to partner with Seth Little, Director of Music and Art, and the community at All Angels' Church on this adventure!

Main In-Person Events

SUN 10/23 11:30-12:30 Conscious ListeningTM Demo

Musical Connections of mind, body & heart

FRI 2/10 7-8pm Valentine's Benefit Recital & Reception following

An interactive creative game! Tickets & Details: https://bit.ly/3hIwwsy

SUN 3/26 12pm-12:45pm: The Collaborative Process - Hsing-ay in collaborations with other AAC creatives

How do you listen well to the OTHER and find a way forward TOGETHER.

Related Events

SUN 10/23 1-2:30pm Nutmeg Studio Adult Piano Masterclass 

SAT 11/13 7pm Expanding Joys of Conscious Listening House Concert (UWS)

TUE 12/17 10:30am     Caroling at Pathways with Seth

FRI 1/27 7pm AAC Artists Gathering

SAT 3/25 12-1pm Conscious ListeningTM Online Café 

SUN 3/26 1pm-2:30pm  Nutmeg Studio Chamber Music Masterclass
How do you listen and communicate in music?

SAT 3/4 - 4/15 Online Piano Intensive for Adult Lifelong Learner Musicians

Questions? Hello@HsingayHsu.com

YouTube Conversations and Blogs 

"The Practice of  Listening with Seth Little",  Part I, THU 10/6 2pm ET  "Possibilities, Imagination, and Transformation"
Content will be inspired by what I hear from people like you! Send me ideas at hello@hsingayhsu.com.

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