Artist's Statement


Transforming note at a time.

Amidst the cacophony of sensory overload, rapid change, politics, and pandemics right now, the art of listening is a much needed antidote. The practice of listening for musical cohesion, deep communication, and collaboration, is a pathway forward to finding these solutions in life. As a Steinway Artist, a teaching-artist, and a music listening facilitator, I heighten awareness through music's many dimensions and cultivate a culture of listening through the lens of classical piano music. 

My creative performance presentations guide us to 

· listen multidimensionally to ourselves and to others,

· stay open-minded about what we don't yet understand,

· and find personal meaning in how we fit into the big picture.

I create joyful, personal, and creative experiences of Western classical music extending from its core repertoire into jazz tunes, contemporary, early music, improv, and interdisciplinary projects: pairings with theater, dance, art, and wine. I encourage my audiences to listen with their imagination. In some works I speak while I play to guide real-time music listening. By "leading with listening" and not just factual knowledge as the starting point, participants develop a personal relationship with the music as they listen communally. 

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